barrels and drums

Drums and Barrels

Drums and Barrels Drums & Barrels are used for storage and transport of liquid commodities such as fuels, oil, lubricants, chemicals, adhesive, rubber latex, essential oil etc. Drums & Barrels are made in different sizes and gauges according to the

properly crimped drum cap seal

Why Cap seals are used

Why Cap seals are used on Drums and Barrels? Capseals are used to secure the content filled in Drums & Barrels. Cap seals authenticate the veracity of quantity & quality contained in the Drum. A tact Capseal avoids ambiguity of

Drum cap seal - Smartseals

PACKCO’S Cap Seal SmartSeal ™

Our Proprietary Product SmartSeal Drum Cap Seal SmartSeal drum cap seal is the proprietary product of PACKCO INDUSTRIES. In order to develop an unique cap seal, lot of resources towards R&D has been invested, unlike the others in this field.

Drum Cap seal Crimping Tool

Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool SmartSealer™ – Ergonomically designed Heavy Duty Tailor-Made Cap seals are sealed on the drums with a process called Crimping. For this process, we have developed ergonomically designed tailor made crimping tools called SmartSealer to perform

sample drum closures by packco industries

Drum Closures

Drum Closures Drum closures or Bungs or Plugs are used to close the drum containers. There are various types of drum closures available in the market. Drum closures / bungs are in standard sizes i.e 2 inch and 3/4 inch

types of capseals

Types of Drum Cap Seals

Drum Cap Seal / Tab Seal There are different types of Drum Cap seal / Tab seal available for 55 gallon drum in the market based on its sizes and material. Cap seals for these drums can be made of

Regular capseals

Drum Seal

Drum Seal Drum Seal Available in 2″ (70mm) and 3/4″ (35 mm) Sizes. Regular economical drum cap seals are made from the tin free material with suitable thickness 0.21 – 0.23mm for average sealing results. The inner surface of the

metal drum capseal and metal drum cap seal

Cap seal Standard

Cap seal Standard for Drums & Barrels Capseal Standard for drums & barrels are with average quality made of Tin-Free material with a thickness of 0.25 – 0.27mm. This drum cap seal can seal the drums better than the regular

drum capseal and drum cap seal crimping tool sales and service


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The Drum cap-seals from Packco industries are A class. We have never faced any troubles since we started using their Drum Capseals

Mrs. Carla, CEO Shipping Lines

Drum capseals from Packco industries are completely reliable and are of best quality. They provide good after sale services and helped us with many questions related to cap sealing of drum containers

Robert, Manager Red Corpo