Drum Cap Seals

Drum Seals-Tab Seal and Barrel Seal Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers Metal drum cap seal is a tamper proof item used for sealing drums to protect it  from unauthorized opening attempt. Drum must be sealed well with tab seals as this

Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool

Drum Cap Sealer, Crimper, Sealing and Closing Tools Packco Industries produces world class Drum Cap seal Crimping-Sealing-Closing Tools. Pneumatic and Manual, our tool’s quality is superior. Our tools are made of En steel and SS304. High grade metal parts enables

Pneumatic Drum Cap seal Crimping-Sealing Tools

Drums Cap-seal Tab-Seal Crimping Tools     Pneumatic Crimping  Tools in tailor made and ready made. These drums and barrels crimping tools are made of  whole aluminum ( no casting), internal shaft and crimping section are made of SS 304.

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The Drum cap-seals from Packco industries are A class. We have never faced any troubles since we started using their Drum Capseals

Mrs. Carla, CEO Shipping Lines

Drum capseals from Packco industries are completely reliable and are of best quality. They provide good after sale services and helped us with many questions related to cap sealing of drum containers

Robert, Manager Red Corpo