Crimping Tool

Packco Industries is commited to manufacture best quality drum cap seal crimping tools, we make our tools with with superior quality tool steel without any casting part…… as Crimping Tool for drums & barrels cap seal is the most important instrument to seal the cap seal and protect the drum contain from pilferage, leakage and bung  rusting. These crimping tools must be crafted in wrinkle free crimping levels for cap seal to enable the cap seal to crimp tight and fortify the contains inside the drum. Crimping tools must be hardened for durability & long life at the same time ergonomics is the most important factor for flawless crimping of cap seals.

Drum Cap Sealing Machine
Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool


We make different types of drum capseal crimping tools according to the usage of the companies we recommend Regular Crimping Tools for minimal usage, SmartSealer Crimping Tool for moderate usage and SmartSealer BRAWN Crimping Tool for optimum crimping.

We also make Pneumatic Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool for filling line operation, drum sealing tools are sepeartely made for HDPE Drums & MS Drums for optimised crimping results.

Apart from Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tools, we also make  Flex-Spout Crimping Tools for all the sizes and Pail Lid Crimping Tools for both 16 lug and 12 lug.

All our crimping tools are tailor – made according to the bung house collar size especially for HDPE drums, this is for flawless crimping which leads to protection from pilferage, tampering, internal rusting and adulteration etc. Capseals crimped with our tools cannot be opened without tearing and destroying it.

Moreover our crimping tools handles are ergonomically positioned (wide open) for the ease of crimping.