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Metal drum cap seal is a tamper proof item used for sealing drums to protect it  from unauthorized opening attempt. Drum must be sealed well with tab seals as this cap is the indication of trust to the drum packaging. A a properly sealed cap seal on the barrel prove the genuinity of the product undisputedly.

Quality of these cap seals defined by its material of construction, coating, printing and gasket.  We offer different type of quality cap seals as per the need of our clients, considering the commercial sides we have economical Regular cap seal & Standard cap seals and Tinplate cap seals the same types can be availed with tamper proof seals also.


Drum Cap Seal
Metal Drum Cap Seal

Types of Metal Drum Cap Seal

Our most quality oriented cap seals are Tinplate cap seals  with a tamper proof seals known as SmartSeal. These cap seals comply all the universal standards above.  SmartSeal is the best drum cap seal among the lot because of its self tamper proofing mechanism and quality of material.

SmartSeal Tabseal with Tamper proof band

We customise cap seals as per the requirement of our clients. We strongly recommend using our drum cap seal crimping tool for flawless crimping results.

Regular Drum Cap Seal
Printed Regular Drum Cap Seal
Drum Sealing Cap
Drum Cap seal Standard










Drum Seal in Tinplate Best in Quality
Tinplate Universal Capseal


Drum Cap Seal Regular with Tamper Proof Seal
Printed Barrel Cap Seal
Drum Cap Seal Standard with Tamper Proof Seal









Regular Metal drum capseal

Regular barrel seal caps are made of average quality tinfree sheets, in plain white color and customised printing. Thickness of this cap is 0.21-0.23 mm, these cap seals are mostly supplied by drum manufacturers in plain white colour, this drum cap seal is suitable for short term domestic transport and storage, fixing the seal with an “efficient crimping tool” is imperative to effectuate the purpose.

Standard Metal drum seal

Standard Drum Seals are made out of 0.25-0.27mm thickness Tinfree material. These seals possess ample of strength and rigidity to hold tight from tampering. And the Capseal can arrest bung leakage because of the thickness provided crimped tight without wrinkles. This Robust Drum Cap sealing System will upgrade the quality of your Drum packaging into LPR i.e “Leak proof, Pilfer proof and Rust proof.”

Cap Seals for metal and hdpe drums are available in 2 & 3/4 sizes.

Also known as: HDPE Drum Seals, Barrel Capseal, Sealing cap, Pilfer Proof, Bung Seals, Seal Cap, Bung Sealing Caps