Drum Cap Seal-Tab Seal TinPlate for 55 gallon barrels

Drum Cap Seal TinPlate

Drum Cap Seal or Tab Seal in Tin Plate for drums & barrels are the most quality oriented cap seal abided by all the universal standards. These cap seal – tab seal are made out of 0.30mm thick Prime Tinplate, these drum cap seal – tab seal is much suitable for 55 gallon / 210 litre drums and barrels.

Our these Drum Cap Seal can be defined as SmartSeal with out tamper proof seal.

These Tab seal is widely used by the section of the  industries who have concern and value for their customer, product and brand.

These drum cap seal – tab seal is recommended for export, long term transportation, long term storage as the cap seal remain tact.

Cap Seal Tinplate available in 2 inch & 3/4 inch Plain & Lithograph Printing.

Drum  Cap seals or Tab Seals  are also known as Drum Cap, Barrel Seals, Bung Sealing caps, Drum Sealing Cap, Drum Seal, Metal Drum Seal, Plastic Drum Seal, Barrel cap, Bung Seal etc.

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