Cap Sealing Machine

Cap sealing machine for drum cap seal -TrustSealer Hand Operated tools are available at best price. Tools are available for crimping cap seals and flex spout seals. These are heavy duty Drum Cap sealing machines & tools in budget and affordable price. Suitable for moderate drum cap sealing volume, optimized crimping guaranteed .

Tools for crimping-sealing drum cap seals
Cap-sealer for barrels & drums

Plastic Barrel Cap Sealing Machines

Tools made for metal drum is not meant or suitable for HDPE Barrel Cap Sealing. Reason is there is size difference in the bung house between the HDPE Barrels and Metal Drums. Steel Drum bungs house is standard where as Plastic Drum bung house is different in size from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence a different cap sealing machine particularly must be used for crimping cap-seals on HDPE drums, we have separate tool in this category for HDPE drums.

These drum cap sealing machines – tools can deliver wrinkle free rigid crimping on drum cap seals and spout seals, to protect the container contain from pilferage, evaporation, leakage and tampering.

TrustSealer is well designed with wide open handles for good ergonomics and hard chrome plated for rust resistance and long life, the tool has 18 hardened jaws for 4 and 2 inch, 9 jaws for 3/4 inch.

35 mm cap sealing jaws
9 Hardened Jaws for 35 mm tool.
Crimping Jaws of Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool 70mm
70 mm Drum cap Sealing tool jaws

TrustSealer Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tools are compliant for sealing cap seals on 55 gallon drums, 20-25 liter drums, 200-250 liter barrels.

For Flex Spouts

TrustSealer Cap Seal Crimping Tools are available for flex spout sealing also. Tools can seal the flex spouts on pail opening in leak resistant levels. Tools are very attractively priced to suit your budget. For the best quote send a query on [email protected] In addition we also offer custom made tools for flex spout tailor made tools. Tailor made tools are precisely made tools to crimp the spout without without wrinkles and damaging the opening.