Drum Cap Seal / Tab Seal

There are different types of Drum Cap seal / Tab seal available for 55 gallon drum in the market based on its sizes and material. Cap seals for these drums can be made of Tinplate or Tinfree steel sheets, starting from the thickness gauging from 0.32mm to 0.20mm. And size starting from ¾ inch (35mm), 2 inch (70mm), 80mm, 85mm and 4 & 7  inches.

Out of these drum cap seals 2 inch (70mm) and ¾ inch (35mm) cap seals are widely used,  also know as 50mm & 20mm cap seal, as these are universal sizes, especially for steel drum and plastic barrel.

Material used for 55 Gallon Drum Cap seals

TINPLATE is a low carbon base metal steel sheet, coated on both sides with a thin layer of tin, through an electrolytic process. Its lustre and formability to take up any shape and rust resistance capacities makes tinplate the best material for making of 55 Gallon Drum Cap seals. This material is used only for manufacturing best quality cap seal. Our  SmartSeal drum Cap seal is made of TINPLATE material to be the best Tab seal.

TIN FREE steel sheets are electrolytic chrome plated steel sheets consisting of a thin layer of chromium. And a layer of chromium oxide deposited on the steel base which gives it a lustrous metallic finish on both sides. These type of cap seals offers corrosion resistance and good printability. Standard Drum Cap seal and Regular Drum Cap seal are made of this material for cost effectiveness.

Types of Drum Cap seals universal size 2 & 3/4 inch

Tinplate Drum Cap seal : Drum cap seal made of Tinpalte with 0.28 – 32mm thickness are known as universal cap seals, which has all the universal standards in terms of material, these drum cap seals are rust resistant and provides rigid sealing, highly recommended for quality packaging, exports, long duration transport.

Standard Drum Cap seal:Drum cap seal made of  0.25 – 0.27mm TINFREE sheets, with all the features of cap seals, recommended for low-value products and short period usage and domestic transportation, these cap seals provides average rigid sealing but prone to rusting.

Regular Drum Cap seal:  These Drum Seals are made of 0.21 – 0.23mm TINFREE sheets,  with all the features of the cap seals. These cap seals are recommended for low-value products,  short distance transportation, and short time storage purpose. A proper crimping tool must be used for optimal crimping of these cap seals.

80 mm & 85 mm Drum Metal Cap seal

Other sizes of Drum cap seal: These cap seals are in 80mm &  85mm can be made of TINPLATE or TIFREE for HDPE drums and barrels. These cap seals can be customized, but leak resistance and easy opening features are not available.