drum seals by packco industries
Good Capseal ! Well Crimped

Why Cap seals are used on Drums and Barrels?

  • Capseals are used to secure the content filled in Drums & Barrels.
  • Cap seals authenticate the veracity of quantity & quality contained in the Drum.
  • A tact Capseal avoids ambiguity of the contain inside the Drum.
  • Duplication & Counterfeiting of drums is combated with Customized Cap seals.
  • Cap seal is to protect the Drum contain from Pilferage.
  • Capseal needs to hold Leakage from bung.
  • Cap seal must prevent entry of Moisture & Rain Water into the bung house.
  • Leak Resistance while loading, unloading, handling and mishaps of drums.
  • Capseals Protects Bungs from Rusting.
  • Once sealed Cap seal can be opened only by tearing and destroying it, no reuse.
  • Brand Display on Capseal for trust.
  • Capseals are used not only for security but also for the goodwill of the Brand.

Hence it is very important to use good quality Capseals and Crimping tools for securely sealing the drums & barrels.

Drum Cap seals are Imperative

As it seals the barrels and drums carrying the liquid cargo. Thus it not only packs the content of the drums but also acts as the most important accessory to protect the content stored inside the Barrels and Drums from adulteration, pilferage, leakage, and evaporation, authenticating the veracity of Quality and Quantity.

How good quality Capseals are Identified?

Good quality capseals are identified by its steel ie Tinplate (tin coated for rust resistance) and its thickness, PVC thick puffed Gasket, Coating and scoring lines.

  • Tinplate for rust resistance with 0.28-0.30mm thickness for rigidity         ( 14-15 grams weight).
  • PVC thick puffed Gasket for leak Resistance.
  • Varnish coating to fortify rusting.
  • Scoring Lines impressions will be properly connected with ears for ease of Tear-off .

These are the main technical standards of Good Capseals

There are numerous suppliers of cap seals in the market but most of them are not aware of how a drum capseal should be, capseals are treated as minor parts of the inventory, they do not get their due importance. Needless to state that the cap seal is the most vital ingredient of the entire packing system for liquid cargo.

Drum Capseals have to provide effective Tamper-proofing, Leak resistance as well as the brand display for the drums. Drum Capseals can be used on both metal and plastic drums and are available in metal and plastic varieties. The common sizes of the Metal Drum Capseals are 2″ (70mm) and 3/4″ (35 mm). For HDPE drums the common sizes are 2″, 80mm and 84mm.

The USP of our Cap Seals “SmartSeal”

Packco’s Drum Metal Capseals are made from prime tinplate material with suitable thickness for optimum sealing results. The Inner surface is lacquered to avoid corrosion and the inner edge has a vinyl gasket for better contact with the flange. Ears and scored lines on these capseals ensure that the cap seal has to be completely destroyed before removal so that the cap seals cannot be reused in any manner.


How to identify sub standard capseals?

Inferior Quality Capseal

Inferior quality Capseal are very easy to identify from “Light Weight” below 12 grams.

  • Tinfree steel (Without Tin coating) 0.20-18 mm thickness weight less than 12 grams.
  • Tinfree steel material is prone to easy rusting.
  • Scoring lines impression inside the capseals will be weak, hence wont tear-off.
  • Dull finish and appearance of cap seals.
  • Thin PVC gasket inside the cap seal.

These are the inferior technical of sub standard Drum Metal Capseals.