Barrel and Drum Seal Crimping Tool SmartSealer BRAWN™

Tab Seal crimping tool 2 and 3/4 inch

SmartSealer BRAWN is a superior quality Tailor Made Drum Capseal Sealing Tool made individually for tab seal crimping on all sizes drums, these are  ergonomically designed high performance tools.

Tab Seal Crimping Tool for HDPE Drums

Our tools can perform rigid and optimum tab seal crimping to seal your drums and barrels into Leak Proof and Tamper Proof Levels. Tools available  for crimping  2 inch, ¾ inch, 80 mm, 70  mm, 35 mm Cap-seals, recommended for large quantity Drum sealing as these tools are durable and long lasting.

Tri sure tab seal crimping tool
Stainless Steel crimping Section

Tab Seal Crimping Tool Mechanism


Material  : EN 19

Mechanism  : Hinges Type

Coating  : Hard Chrome

No: of Jaws 2”  : 18 SS 304

No: of Jaws ¾”  : 9 SS 304

Guarantee  : 1 Year


Drum Cap seal crimping Flawless





Capseal Crimped with wrinkles Capseal crimped with a local tool, wrinkles are visible,these wrinkles will allow leakage, tampering, bung rusting etc….


TAB SEAL CRIMPING WRINKLE FREE = Pilfer Proof+ Tamper Proof+Leak Proof.

Drum cap seal crimping tools are also called as Barrel cap sealers, capper, cap-seal crimpers, capseal closing tool, drum cap sealing machine, drum cap sealing tool, drum cap sealer, Drum Sealer, Barrel Capseal Fastening Tool, Barrel cap sealing machine, Drum Capseal Fastening Tool, etc.