Flex-Spout Crimping Tools

Flex Spouts are the openings of containers and pails to remove the contain, these flex spouts has fixed with the help of a crimping tool. The flex spout crimping tool must be accurately crimping the flex spout to resist leakage and pilferage…. efficiency of flex spout crimping tool is to deliver wrinkle free and dent free crimping to avoid leakage and pilferage.

There are two types of containers Metal and Plastic, spout insertion opening is in standard for both, but the collar sizes differs from pail to pail manufacturers, so a ready made spout crimping tool is not advisible, spout crimping tool must be tailor made to crimp well in leak resistant levels, this is possible only by analysing the lid and and the spout.

We make flex spout crimping tools only by studing the spout and lids physically or by the drawing, this process helps us to produce the best quality and best performing spout crimping tools.

Our spout crimping  tools are available in hand operated and pneumatically operated versions.


These tools are also known as spout cap crimper, flex spout sealing tool, spout sealing machine etc…