HDPE Barrel Cap Seal

HDPE Barrels are now widely used in chemical industry, unfortunately the entire Cap sealing system are not good enough nor cap seal is applied properly on HDPE Barrels. HDPE Barrel bung house varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, there is no standard bung house size, so HDPE drum cap sealing has  to be carefully done with the help of a proper crimping tool and quality cap seal.

Cap Seals are used for:

1) For Tamper Proofing

2) For Pilfer Proofing

3) For Leak Proofing

HDPE Barrel Cap Seal enables to keep product inside the barrel secure from undesired and premature opening.

Barrel cap seals authenticate the quantity and quality assurance to the end user. These cap seals are also regulated for strength, safety, security and communication.

Barrel Cap seals must be crimped well without wrinkles, picture below shows how to crimp cap seal on hdpe barrels.

Wrinkle Free Crimped Cap Seal on HDPE Drum

Tamper Proof-Leak Proof-Pilfer Proof Drum Metal Cap seal Crimped on HDPE Drum


Never use steel drum cap seal crimping tools to crimp cap seals on hdpe drums.

Cap Seal crimping tools must be apt to perform wrinkle free crimping upon hdpe barrels.

Cap seal must be enough rigid to deliver tight crimping.

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