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SmartSeal for HPDE Drums

From our long time experience in this industry it is found that HDPE Drums tends to leak from the bung side, there are many reasons for this leakage, to meet this problem we have developed special HDPE Drum Metal Capseals to resist the  leakage from bung side. HDPE barrels are mostly used in the Chemical Industry, so it is very very important to use a good capseal and a leak resistant cap sealing system.

Plastic Drum Capseals are not the regular capseals, these HDPE drum cap seals are made with special inner gasket to hold the leakage out of bung house.

HDPE Drum Cap Seals has to be crimped with a different tool which is specially made for HDPE Drums, regular metal drum capseal crimping tool cannot crimp our cap seals or any capseal into leak resistant levels on HDPE drum.

We offer Capseals and Crimping Tools which are specially designed and developed for HDPE Barrels and Drums as per its bung collar dimension, which results in tamper proof and leak proof results. Our offered HDPE drum capseals are made of using the latest technology and TINPLATE material as per the universal standards to meet the requirements of our clients and provide them with satisfactory results without compromising on quality.

Plastic Barrel metal cap seals are available with us in plain white and customized printing.

HDPE Drum Capseals available in SmartSeal version also.

HDPE Drum Capseals are also called as: Plastic Drum Cap, Barrel Seal, HDPE Drum Lock Seal, Barrel Capseal, Plastic Barrel Seal, Chemical Barrel Seals.

SmartSeal Sealed on HDPE Barrel on Leak Proof Level