Barrel Cap Seal Crimping Tool

SmartSealer BRAWN is our premium hand operated Barrel Cap Sealing tool, this crimping tool is specially designed for HPDE  Drums-Barrels to seal cap seal to leak proof and tamper proof levels.

Purely customized and  Tailor Made crimping tool according to the bung house, so can perform way beyond your expectation, SmartSealer BRAWN barrel cap sealing tool is made of Stainless Steel crimping section and other tool parts are made of EN 19 adequately hardened for durability on extensive usage to remain long.

These Crimping tools are Hard Chrome Plated for rust resistance and can be CUSTOMISED by engraving your desired names.

Available in both Pneumatic and Hand Operated versions, all sizes are available.

This hand operated sealing machine perform wrinkle free crimping on cap seals which helps to resist from leakage, pilferage and safeguard the drum contains. HDPE drums must be sealed in the same manner as seen in this picture for proper protection, this capseal is crimped with SmartSealer – BRAWN – HDPE.


Material: Harden Steel / En 9

Mechanism: Hinges Types

Coating: Hard Chrome

Nos of Jaws: 18 ( En 19 / SS)


Barrel Cap Seal Crimping tool is also known as Drum Cap Seal Sealer, Barrel Cap Crimper, Barrel Cap Sealing Machine, Cap Sealing Tool.