Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool SmartSealer™ – Ergonomically designed Heavy Duty Tailor-Made

Cap seals are sealed on the drums with a process called Crimping. For this process, we have developed ergonomically designed tailor made crimping tools called SmartSealer to perform optimised sealing of cap seals on the drum. Unlike other crimping tools Smartsealer’s are not ready-made, these are made according to the drums bung house collar size to deliver optimal flawless sealing.


 Hand Operated & Pneumatic Drum Capseal Crimping Tools



Types of Crimping Tool

Primarily there are two types of Drum Cap Sealing Machines

  1. Hand Operated or Manual
  2. Pneumatic or Semi-Automatic

Drum Capseal Crimping Tool Smartsealer is Tailor-Made

There are different capacity of drums & barrels, drums are starting from 5 litre to 250 litre capacity, the steel sheet gauge differs according to the drums size, small  drum are made of thin gauge steel sheets and big drums are made of thick gauge sheets so the bung collar will also differs by its outer diameter and thickness, but the drum cap seals are in standard size so when capseals are crimped on thin gauge sheet drums wrinkles are formed. To address  this issue we are making Tailor-Made Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool.

Tailor made crimping tools are importantly applicable for HDPE Drums as each and every drum manufacturer has different bung house and collar variation is also very high, we are specialized in making the most efficient HDPE drum cap seal crimping tool.

Wrinkle-Free Drums & Barrels Cap Sealing



Flawless Drum Capsealing is WRINKLE FREE CAPSEAL CRIMPING = Pilfer Proof+ Tamper Proof+Leak Proof.

It is very important that the cap seal crimping tools must be well made of hardened steel to perform efficient and rigid crimping without wrinkles. Once the cap seals are crimped then it can be opened only by tearing it or destroying it. These kinds of tools are called heavy duty drum cap sealing machines.




Knurling Knobs for better grip of Crimping tool.
Knurling Knobs for grip


Knurling Knobs for better grip

The crimping tool is made of a steel body with knurling knobs at both ends of the arms for a better grip. Our tools guarantee an efficient crimping and perform wrinkle free, leak proof and tamper proof sealing of the drum metal capseal.


Wrongly Crimped Cap seal

Capseal Crimped with wrinkles



Capseal crimped with a local tool, wrinkles are visible,these wrinkles will allow leakage, tampering, bung rusting etc….





Drum Capseal Crimping Process

None of the capseals are perfect for drums unless and until it is crimped well on the drum. A good capseal has to be crimped only with a good drum capsealing machine or crimping tool to get optimised sealing results. A wrong crimping tool or a drum capsealing machine can only spoil a good capseal. For optimized, wrinkle-free, leak-proof and tamper-proof crimping one need to use a proper heavy duty drum capseal crimping tool .


Comparison of SmartSealer and Other Drum Capseal Crimping Tools

SmartSealer – Manual

Most of other Capseal Crimping Tools

Crimping Tool Body : EN9

Casting and Mild Steel

Mechanism: Double pin hinges.

Single Pin & Double Pin

Handles: Knurling Knobs for Grip

Mostly Plain handles

Handle’s opening: above 90°

Mostly without space for proper holding.

No: of Jaws : 2” – 18 and ¾ – 10

2” 9 & 18, 3/4” 5 & 9 

Metal for Jaws : EN19 or SS 304.

Mild steel or Casting.

6 months Replacement guarantee &  1 year warranty


Drum cap seal crimping tools are also called as Barrel cap sealers, capper, cap-seal crimpers, cap seal closing tool, drum cap sealing machine, drum cap sealing tool, drum cap sealer, Drum Sealer, Barrel Capseal Fastening Tool, Barrel cap sealing machine, Drum Capseal Fastening Tool, Tab Seal Crimping Tool etc.