Drums and Barrels Sealing Solutions

From our continuous research and development in this domain, we have developed a Robust Drum Capsealing System which will upgrade the quality of your Drums capsealing into LPR.

Leak   Proof   !!!

Pilfer  Proof   !!!

Rust   Proof   !!!

Our Capseal “SmartSeal”  with  L P R

SmartSeal is the only Drum Metal Capseal with 360 degree Tamper Protection seal, abided by Universal Standards of 0.30mm Prime TINPLATE for Rigidness, Inner & Outer Coating plus tamperproof seal covering on the notch side for Rust Protection, Puffed PVC inner gasket for leak resistance, Scoring Lines for ease of removal, available in  Plain White, Lithograph & Screen Printing, more over Easy to apply and Tamper Proofing without the help of security seals, hence SmartSeal stand as the best capseal ever developed in the history of Barrels and Drums packaging system.

Our Crimping tool “SmartSealer” Enables L P R

SmartSealer has two version Manual & Pneumatic, unlike other ready made crimping tools, SmartSealer is meticulously developed to crimp Capseals into LEAK PROOF & TAMPER PROOF levels, these tools are made differently for Metal & HDPE drums according to Bung House collar dimensions to perform precise molded & wrinkle free crimping. Metal Drum Bung House Collar size are uniform except small drums, but HDPE drum Bung House Collars are in different dimensions, to resolve these difference in Bung House Collar sizes we make Tailor Made Crimping tools. SmartSealer delivers air tight crimping so moisture and water won’t enter inside the capseal and bung area, hence internal rusting is also prevented.