Drum Cap Sealer, Crimper, Sealing and Closing Tools

Packco Industries produces world class drum cap seal crimping tools both Manual and Pneumatic drum cap seal Crimping Tools. Our drum cap-seal crimping tools are made of tooling steel without a single casting part, so our drum cap-seal crimping tools can perform better than any other drum capseal crimping tools, more over our drum / barrel capseal crimping tools are durable and long lasting.

Crimping Tool for  drums & barrels is the most important instrument to seal the drum and to protect the contain from pilferage, leakage and bung  rusting. These bung sealing tools must be crafted in wrinkle free crimping levels for capseal to crimp tight and fortify the contains inside the drum. Ergonomics of our drum sealing tools are the most important attribute for flawless crimping of cap-seal.

Available for 50 mm barrel cap, 70 mm drums capseal, 35 mm drum seal, 80 mm drum cap, 43 mm Flex Spout, 63 mm Crimpon Spout, Pail Lid, 3/4 inch drum cap-seal, 2 inch drum tab-seal, 4 inch paint drum caps, 7 inch bitumen drum etc.