Drum Cap Sealing Machine

Both Hand Operated and Pneumatic drum cap-seal sealing machines are available in 2 inch and 3/4 inch sizes, Regular Drum Cap sealing machines & tools are made of Steel but not hardened steel, these drum cap sealing machines are very much suitable for moderate drum cap sealing volume.

These drum cap sealing machines will also perform and deliver WRINKLE FREE SEALING of Capseals on metal drums and  barrels.

As we have mentioned barrel cap machines & tools made for metal drum is not meant or suitable for HDPE Barrel cap Sealing as there is difference in size of the bung house between the HDPE Barrels and Metal Drums. Metal Drum bungs house is standard where as HDPE Drum bung house is different in size from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence a different cap sealing machine particularly must be used for crimping cap-seals on HDPE drums.

These drum cap sealing machines – tools can deliver wrinkle free crimping, provided informing us for which kind of drums & barrels the machines are proposed to use, accordingly we will calibrate the machines  to crimp cap seals in wrinkle free level, drum cap sealed with our machines helps to protect the drum from pilferage, bung rusting, bung leakage etc.

These machines are also called as drum sealer, barrel cap sealer, bung sealing machine, barrel cap sealing tool, drum cap seal crimping tool etc