Drums and Barrels

Drums & Barrels are used for storage and transport of liquid commodities such as fuels, oil, lubricants, chemicals, adhesive, rubber latex, essential oil etc. Drums & Barrels are made in different sizes and gauges according to the nature of the contain to be packed. Therefore it is essential that in order to protect drum contain from leakage, pilferage, internal moisture etc, right type of drum cap seals must be applied to complete drum packaging flawlessly.

There are two types of drums in HDPE and steel

  1. Open Mouth Drum for packing Grease, Pulps, Powders
  2. Closed Mouth Drum for packing liquids.

HDPE Drums are made by blow molding process, while Steel drums are made by assembling and these drums and barrels are available in different capacities starting from 250 liters to 5 liters.

barrels and drums

Closed-head ones are used for shipment of chemicals and petroleum products and have a standardized bung hole arrangement. These closed head drums are having different capacities starting from 5 litres to 210/220 litres.

The industry has also started using HDPE plastic drums due to its non-rusting nature and reusable options in domestic transportation.

Packco Products

We supply 210 liter / 55 gallon Used Metal Drums and Reconditioned Drums, we also undertake Drum Reconditioning jobs on-site contracts.

You can read more about our service here or can directly send an inquiry for the same.

Drums and Barrels are also called as: 200 liter Bunger, Drum Container, Barrel Container, Veepa, 55 gallon drum, oil drum, chemical drums, fuel drum, plastic barrel, HDPE Drums, HDPE Barrels, Stainless Steel Drums, solvent drums