Metal Drum Sealing

Metal drum sealing flawlessly is very important to protect the drum contain, using a proper crimping tool is very important for this process more than the quality of the cap seals,  now how to seal a metal drum perfectly? An efficient drum cap seal crimping tool is the source for sealing drum cap seal flawlessly.


These bung holes are closed tight in leak proof levels with the closures, now the role of cap seal is to protect the contain inside from pilferage and adulteration, proper drum cap seal crimping method should be applied to crimp the capseals into tamper proof levels is sealing cap seal faultless


Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tools 70mm and 35mm

Manual hand operated crimping tools are mostly used to crimp and seal the drum cap seals, ensure the crimping tool is good in condition and efficient enough to crimp the seals without wrinkles, handle position must be wide open for the ease of operation and the tool should be placed on the capseal properly . Cap seal must be crimped without any wrinkles, any wrinkle can lead to tampering, rusting and leakage through bung hole, this is the drum cap seal crimping method… simple


Handle Position of Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool

Ergonomics of Drum Cap seal crimping is the position of the tool handles, crimping tool handle must be wide open for the ease of pushing down the handles, if the handle opening is less than 90 degree chances of mis-crimping is unavoidable.

Shown is the perfect handle position for ease of crimping of  cap seals without any flaws. this is the drum cap seal crimping method



sealing drum cap seal flawlessly
This is how to seal a metal drum

Drum Cap Seal crimped tight without wrinkles is the mark of perfect drum sealing, this is Tamper proof sealing, without destroying the cap seal one cant open the drum… this is leak proof and pilfer proof sealing of drum. For this quality drum cap sealing you need to use 0.30mm thickness cap seal and a heavy duty crimping tool to crimp the capseal without wrinkles.