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Innovative Drum Sealing System - Packco Industries

In the year 2005 when Packco Industries ventured into this vertical of Drum Cap seals. We noticed that the Drum Sealing process and the system is not given any importance by the Industry. Barrel seal is considered to be name sake on the drums. Mostly never knew that cap seals are for the security and protection of the entire contain in the drum. Right Drum Cap Seals with efficient Cap Seal Crimping Tools are imperative for proper drum sealing system. Packco Industries is committed for Innovation.

From vast experience and observation we decided to develop an innovative Drum Cap seal. 100% Tamper proof, rust proof, and leak resistant. This idea of an innovative drum cap seal with tamper proof seal emerged.

We converted universal drum cap seals into 100% tamper proof cap seal. RED PVC band on the drum cap seal wall which act as a tamper evident seal. The innovative Drum sealing system now in its brand name SmartSeal and SmartSealer.

For the optimization of this new barrel cap seal trial & error was conducted for 3 years on Rubber Latex Drums and later it was been found that these innovative drum cap seals assure 100% tamper proof and also can resist rusting as 90% of the notch is covered by this PVC Band, so this was an added advantage, airtight sealing of the cap seals prevented bung rusting

Development Of The Drum Sealing System - Packco Industries

Next challenge was making these drum cap seals into leak resistant levels, for leak resistance we upgraded the quality of our barrel cap seals into 0.26 – 0.32mm thickness and also develop Tailor made Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tools to perfrom wrinkle free crimping to resist any leakage through the bung.

Our Drum Cap seals are made of both Tin Free & Tin Plate were as the Tin Free barrel cap seal with tamper proof seal is economical and Tin Plate drum cap seal with tamper proof seal known as SmartSeal is superior by quality.

Our drum cap seals once sealed with our crimping tools provides ultimate all-around protection to your metal drums and HDPE barrels. All our tamper-proof drum cap seal are custom branded as per the requirement of our clients. We strongly recommend using our drum cap seal crimping tool SmartSealer. for flawless crimping.

Drum Cap seals sizes are in 2 inch & 3/4 inch, where as 2 inch Drum cap seal is also know as 70 mm Drum cap seal & 50 mm Drum cap seal. 3/4 inch Drum cap seal is also known as 35 mm capseal & 20 mm drum cap seal all the sizes are similar and universal.

These drum cap seal is suitable for 55 gallon or 200 litre drums, 25 litre drums, 20, 10 & 5 litre drums.

We also manufacture Tin Free drum cap seals, cost effective to meet the commercial viabilities of our clients.

Our drum cap seals are available in Plain White, Lithograph printed & Screen Printed in both Tin Free & Tin Plate.

Our unique products are supplied all over the world to some of the renowned companies.

Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tools For Sealing

Packco Industries makes both hand operated and pneumatic tools for crimping drum metal cap seals. We are the only manufacturers of Tailor Made Crimping Tools.

Tailor made crimping tools are suitably made for flawless crimping of cap seals on drums. Tools are made according to the bung house collar size to perform wrinkle free crimping especially for HDPE – Plastic drums, ready made drum cap sealers cannot deliver wrinkle-free crimping of capseals on HDPE drums as its collar size varies.

Most of the drum cap sealing machines are made for 200 liter of Metal drums. sealing cap seals with these kind of tools on small metal drums and plastic drums always result wrinkles, that is why we make tailor made crimping tools to resolve the bung collar size issue and to perform wrinkle free crimping on small metal drums and HDPE barrels as well.

There are two types of drum cap seal crimping tools for sealing cap seals – Pneumatic and Manual.

Manual Drum Cap seal Crimping Tools have two variants TrustSealer Heavy Duty and SmartSealer BRAWN.

Pneumatic Drum Cap seal Crimping Tools has only one version i.e SmartSealer Pneumatic crimping tool

We export our products from Mumbai-India to all over the world as our quality meets the universal standards. Countries we deal with are Australia, South Africa, UK, Kenya, Russia, Slovenia, UAE, Malaysia etc.

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