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Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of the best Drum Cap seals, Drum Cap seal Crimping Tools, and Drum Packaging Accessories.

Packco Industries - Caring Barrels And Drums, Since 2008

We are proud in introducing ourselves as one of the acclaimed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of quality oriented Drum Metal Cap seals, Drum Cap seal Crimping Tools and drum packaging accessories, with manufacturing units in Kerala and Mumbai in India, we are also in the business of used barrels, reconditioned barrels and barrel reconditioning services in Kerala for the last 3 decades.

We Are Second To None In This Industries

Packco Industries began in 2008 in Kattappana – Kerala – India by manufacturing Plastic Bungs and Tamper Proof metal drum cap seal for rubber latex manufacturers for sealing of their Barrels and Drums.

Barrels and Drum caps sealing and tamper proofing system is the most neglected and unnoticed area of the packaging industry. To address this issue, an innovative idea of a built-in 100% tamper proof cap seals emerged.

This low-end product of the packaging industry is taken for granted. However, we visualized great scope for improvement and put on our R&D cap, almost akin to the drum packing industry. With this mindset, we were able to go deeper into innovation and perfection of our product – “SmartSeal”.

With this backdrop, in 2009, through our R&D, we developed cap seals with built-in tamper proof seal. This was successful and well accepted by the rubber latex industry. However, the other challenges such as leak resistance, flawless crimping, development of supporting crimping tools, simplified cap seal application system and 100% tamper proofing had to be perfected in minute details. These developments took 6 years of R&D to bring our cap seal into its quintessential form as an innovative product.

Packco’s drum cap seal is aesthetic-smart and secured by Protection and application wise also, it is “Smart” in all terms. Hence we named our cap seal as SmartSeal and it’s slogan

The Ultimate Drum Cap Seal

SmartSeal drum cap seal is second to none, even if compared to any international competitor. Moreover, our tamper-proof technology which is built-in into our unique product is not being offered by any of our competitors, be it domestic or international.

We also offer tailor-made heavy duty crimping tools for crimping drum cap seal. These are developed individually for Metal and HDPE barrels to perform leak resistant and wrinkle free crimping.

We provide drum cap sealing solution, customization of cap seals, servicing of drum cap seal crimping tools thus providing sales & service also.

Our barrels and drums reconditioning team have 26 years of vast experience. This team is capable of handling and reconditioning 500 barrels per day. Our team is presently reconditioning drums for rubber latex industry in Kerala. We undertake drum reconditioning job, supply and onsite reconditioning contracts for used drums. In this area, we offer the most competitive price and timely delivery of drums to our customers.

Our vision
Our Vision

Making Barrels and Drums meaningful !

This vision is the core of our commitment which led us into innovations in the drum packaging and sealing solution. We recognize our responsibility to become a creative leader in the Packaging Industry, we also dedicate our efforts to mould the future that is exciting and promising for our customers.

We welcome the critics, demands, and suggestions of the industry as this is the essential input for our vision and growth.

As a guidance to a set of specific objectives on delivering the world’s best packaging products through operational excellence and innovation, we look forward to exploring new business hubs, new capacity and expertise to further its’ competitiveness in products and solutions.

Now, we have spread our presence to the western India region i.e., in the commercial capital of India, viz. Mumbai to cater and serve the multinational companies with adequate production and service capacity to meet the industry needs. Along our R&D facility is also based in Mumbai

our motto
Our Motto

Innovation, uncomparable quality products and unparalleled services !


Quality is Our Pride