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Crimping Tool for 4 inch CapSeal

Crimping Tool for 4 inch CapSeal for 4 inch drum outer lid is designed to deliver wrinkle free and air tight crimping between drum opening and lid to ensure the protection of the contain inside the drum like paints, colors and chemicals are protected safely.

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Crimping Tool for 4 inch capseal size is used for crimping paint drum outer lid. Unlike regular Steel drums, these drums do not have a screw cap to close the drum. Instead these drums have inner lid and outer lid, where as the inner lid is press fixed into the drum opening and the outer lid is sealed with a proper crimping tool.

The outer lid of the drum should be crimped very well. Crimping impact must bring the drum opening and the inner lid into air tight levels to avoid vaporization. This is how a paint drum is sealed. Only an efficient crimping tools enables this kind of sealing.

Pneumatic and Hand operated tools are available.


TrustSealer-Hand Operated 4 inch Drum Lid Crimping Tool

Quality of our manual tool TrustSealer is far superior than others tools available in the market. So our hand operated 4 inch drum lid crimping machine delivers flawless crimping. Tool operation is ergonomically designed for ease of crimping. Sealing drums lid with our machines attributes tamper proofing, pilfer proofing and leak proofing too. Best quality material for the durability and long life of the tool. Tool is completely dismantlable. So can be serviced and repaired easily.

Pneumatic Crimping Tool for 4 inch capseal Sealing machine is used for large quantity lid crimping. Pneumatic tools can seal faster than manual crimping tools. Operation is effortless and productivity is more. Quality of crimping is superior and uniform.

Tool is made of superior quality metals (no casting parts), internal parts and crimping sections is made of SS 304. Strict quality adherence makes our tools durable, maintenance free and long lasting.




Material: Steel | Mechanism: Hinges Type | Coating: Hard Chrome | Knurling Handles | No of Jaws: 18 Jaws | Tailor Made SS & EN 19 Jaws


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