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Tamper Proof Drum Capseals

Tamper proof drum seals is an average quality cap seal with self tamper proof seal. This is a budget cap seal with the unique self tamper proofing feature. Benefit of this cap seal is no security seals are required for tamper proofing the drum because of the pilfer proof band on the cap seal.

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Tamper Proof Drum cap seal is made of Tinfree material with a thickness of 0.21- 0.23mm and for more strength 0.25-0.27mm thickness caps are also available. This mechanism helps to detect unauthorised access like pilferage, adulteration and theft of the drum contain.

Sizes 2 & ¾ inch also known as 70mm and 35mm, 50mm and 19mm. Plain white, printed, customized lithograph printing and screen printing is available.


Advantage & Benefits:

Commercial benefits of this unique product is no security seals and locking wires are required. Thus productivity is enhanced and labour is reduced.

Security and protection of contains is the benefit also enhances the brand and the trust of end user

Intact tamper evident seal on the capseal ensure the product’s authenticity. Using an efficient drum cap seal crimping tool can deliver wrinkle less cap sealing. Wrinkle less cap seal crimping leads to air tight sealing of the drum this avoids water and moisture entry into the bung area. Leakage through the bung is also resisted.


Material: TINFREE (TFS) PVC Band | Thickness: 0.21 – 0.27mm |Weight: 2 Inch 11.7 – 13.7 gram, ¾ Inch:3.5 – 4.2 gram | Available: Plain white / Screen & Lithograph Printed

Specification of Tamper Proof Seal

PVC: Poly Vinyl Chloride | MOC: PVC with required Additives & Pigments | Material: As per RoHS |Shrinkage: Length wise 5-15% & Width wise 30-50%

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