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Flex Spout Crimping Tool

Flex Spout crimping tool is a sealing machine to fix spout caps on the opening of the pail, can and drums. Spout cap should be sealed accurately to avoid leakage when the contain is poured out. So tool is a critical instrument for sealing spout caps.

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Flex-Spout Crimping Tools for Titeseal, Rieke and Uni-Grip Closures

Flex spout crimping tool must be efficient enough to deliver wrinkle & dent free crimping on spout to avoid leakage and pilferage.

There are two types of containers Metal and Plastic, spout insertion opening is standard for both, but the collar thickness differs from pail to pail manufacturers, a ready made spout crimping tool is not advisable, crimping tool must be tailor made to seal well into leak resistant levels, this is possible only by analyzing the opening, spout and collar.

We make flex spout crimpers only by studying the spout and lids physically or by the drawing, this process helps us to produce the best performing spout crimping tools. Our spout crimping tools are available in Manual and Pneumatic operated versions.

These tools are also known as spout cap crimper, flex spout sealing tool, spout sealing machine etc…


Body : Steel | Mechanism : Hinges Type | Coating : Hard Chrome | No: of Jaws : 18 Jaws MS / SS / EN19 | Sizes : 42mm & 63mm

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