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Caring Drums and Barrels

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What is the purpose of applying cap seal on drums and barrels?

Capseals are applied for the security and protection of the content contained in the drum. Following are the Attribution of capseal:

1) Authentication

Capseal is a symbol of trust, caps well sealed on the drum is the indication to authenticate drum contains quantity, quality and legitimacy. This is practiced with an universal quality capseal sealed with an efficient crimping tool without flaws.

Well sealed drums

Falsely sealed drums

2) Protection

Cap seal has to fortify the bung house from entry of dirt, moisture, water and most importantly bung rusting, vise versa it should arrest any leakage through bung not to flow-out through the same capseal. Hermetical (air tight) drum cap sealing is the protection for drum contains.

3) Security

Means tamper proofing, security from pilferage and adulteration. Attempt of manipulation should be evident and the cap seal must not open without tearing into pieces, for this capseal must be crimped tight without any wrinkles. This is enabled with an effective sealing machine.

Tinplate thickness 0.28-0.30mm is required for tamper resistant strength. Weight 14-15 grams.

4) Branding

Lithograph Printed cap seal with company logo or brand aesthetically promotes the product and also authenticate the legitimacy of the product .

5) Technical

Is the most important aspect of the capseal. Thickness of the tinplate should not be less than 0.28mm for tamper resistance strength. Inside scoring lines punched well for easy removal of the cap seal. Puffed PVC inner gasket for leak resistant.

6) Inside lacquer coating

There are two types of lacquer coating. To resist rust and chemicals. Inner coating must not erode with chemicals. Capseal without coating inside is prone to rusting and in due time rusting will spread in the bung, thus rust can affect the contain inside the drum. Ordinary lacquer won’t withstand to chemicals.

Outer acrylic varnish coating to hold the printing and colour coating against chemicals and weather, ordinary varnish will remove the coating and printing, so acrylic or epoxy varnish is imperative.

What is quality means?

Quality means the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.

Capseal printed with ordinary varnish can is vulnerable to chemical. Printing can erode as shown in the image which will spoil the product authenticity and company value.

Technical Specification of Capseal:

An efficient tool can only seal a drum well.