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Pneumatic Drum Cap seal Crimping – Sealing Tools

Pneumatic Drum Cap Crimping tools in tailor made and ready made. These drums and barrels crimping tools are made of whole aluminum ( no casting), internal shaft and crimping section are made of SS 304.

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Pneumatic Drum Cap Sealing Machine


Pneumatic Crimping Tools are meant for large number of drum sealing operation based on conveyor lines. Why because the drums cap seal crimping process with pneumatic tools are much faster than compared to the manual crimping tools. Operation is effortless and the quality of crimping is superior and uniform.

There are two models of drum tab seal crimping tool push type and switch type. Both the model have it’s application platform, but push type is more durable, effective and operational friendly.

Push Type Pneumatic Tools are operated by pushing the top section with both the hands by the operator so there is balance and steadiness which helps the crimping tool to perform well. Switch type pneumatic crimping tools are recommended for stationed drum and pail filling platforms operation is easy especially for spout caps and small drums. Switch type is not much considered for drum cap seal crimping as the operation is with one hand, so lack of balance and steadiness can cause flaws while crimping 0.30 – 0.32mm thick barrel seals .


We make pneumatic drum cap seal crimping tools both “Ready Made” and “Tailor Made”. Ready made machines are for Steel drum cap sealing purpose as steels drum bung house and the collars are standard in size for both 2 inch and ¾ inch. Tailor made tools are for HDPE Drums, pails and spout cap sealing. Unlike Steel barrels the HDPE drum bung houses are not uniformed or standardized in size. So a tailor made pneumatic crimping tool is inevitable to get wrinkle free crimping of drum capseal. A standard bung house is found only on Valrex HDPE drum.

Our Pneumatic drum cap seal crimping tools delivers flawless and precise crimping. Tools are optimized through calibration especially on tailor made tools. Hence our tab-seal crimping tools can perform rigid and wrinkle free crimping into Air Tight, Leak Proof and Tamper Proof Levels.

Our Pneumatic Crimping Tools are made of superior quality metals such as whole aluminum HE 30 Grade (no casting parts), internal shaft and crimping sections are made of SS 304. Strict quality adherence makes our tools durable, maintenance free and long lasting.

Tools are suitable for sealing 200 liters barrel, 55 liters gallon drums, 25 liters and 20 liters

Tools available for crimping 2 inch and ¾ inch Cap-seals, 4 inch Cap seals, 80mm Tab seals and 7 inch Capseal.


Mechanism: Pneumatic Push Type | Body: Aluminum HE 30 (No casting parts) | Coating: No Coating all parts Made of SS 304 | No: of Jaws 2”: 18 SS 304 | No: of Jaws ¾”: 9 SS 304

Switch Type Pneumatic Crimping Tool

These types of Pneumatic crimping tools are used for operating without hanging on spring balancer. Stationed drum filling where as the drums are not moved through conveyors.

Operating this tool is very simple keep on top of the seal and press the switch on top the seal will be crimped.




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