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SmartSealer BRAWN

Drum Sealing Crimping Tools – SmartSealer BRAWN is our superior quality Tailor Made Drum Cap seal Crimping Tool. It is made individually for sealing cap seal on Metal, Steel , HDPE, Composite, Plastic Drums etc and Pails also.

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Crimping tool is the main instrument to seal the drum cap-seal into air tight and wrinkle-free levels. These bung sealing tools must be crafted in wrinkle free crimping levels for capseal to crimp tight and fortify the contains inside the drum. Air tight crimping protects the contain inside the drum from pilferage, leakage and bung rusting. Tab seal crimping tools must be ergonomically designed for higher efficiency of drum sealing. Ease of crimping depends on the position of the handles. Lower level handles of the tool enable easy and effortless crimping which is considered to be the good ergonomics of the tool. SmartSealer BRAWN is designed and developed accordingly.

Tools available for crimping 2 inch and ¾ inch tab seal, also for 80 mm, 70 mm, 35 mm and 4 inch Cap-seals. SmartSealer BRAWN drum cap seal crimping tools are recommended for large quantity Drum sealing as these tools are durable and long lasting.


“Wrinkle Free CRIMPING of Cap Seal = Pilfer Proof + Tamper Proof + Leak Proof + Rust Resistance”

Drum cap seal crimping tools are also called as Barrel cap sealers, capper, cap-seal crimpers, capseal closing tool, drum cap sealing machine, drum cap sealing tool, drum cap sealer, Drum Sealer, Barrel Capseal Fastening Tool, Barrel cap sealing machine, Drum Capseal Fastening Tool, etc.

Capseal Crimped with wrinkles Capseal crimped with a local tool, wrinkles are visible,these wrinkles will allow leakage, tampering, bung rusting etc….



Material: EN 19 | Mechanism: Hinges Type | Coating: Hard Chrome | No of Jaws 2”: 18 SS 304 | No: of Jaws ¾”: 9 SS 304

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