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Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool

An efficient tool can even seal a poor cap well

Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool is the vital instrument for sealing barrel caps into Leak Proof and Pilfer proof levels for the security. PACKCO INDUSTRIES is completely committed to provide the best World Class solution for this practice.

We have various type of Sealers and Crimpers in both Manual and Pneumatic for sealing your barrels and drums to protect from tampering, counterfeit and adulteration.

Tailor Made and Customized Machines are available for MS Barrel, Composite, HDPE and Plastic cylindrical containers.

Sizes available for 70mm and 35mm cap seal, 2 inch and ¾ inch seals, 63mm and 43mm Flexspout cap, 4inch lids etc.

A good tool improves the way you


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