Drum Cap Sealer, Crimper, Sealing and Closing Tools

Packco Industries produces world class Drum Cap seal Crimping-Sealing-Closing Tools. Pneumatic and Manual, our tool’s quality is superior. Our tools are made of En steel and SS304. High grade metal parts enables these cap sealers to perform well. These crimping tools and machines are durable and long lastin.

Crimping tools are the main instrument to seal the drum cap-seal tight and wrinkle-free. Protects the contain inside the drum from pilferage, leakage and bung  rusting. These bung sealing tools must be crafted in wrinkle free crimping levels for capseal to crimp tight and fortify the contains inside the drum. Ergonomics of the drum sealing tool attributes flawless crimping of drum-cap-seal.

Available for 50 mm barrel cap, 70 mm drums capseal, 35 mm seals, 80 mm drum cap, 43 mm Flex Spout, 63 mm Crimpon Spout, Pail Lid, 3/4 inch cap-seal, 2 inch tab-seal, 4 inch paint drum caps, 7 inch bitumen drum etc.

We make ready and tailor made pneumatic crimping tools for all capseals and flex spouts.  For HDPE drums we make different tools to suit the bung house collar. single dimension opening only big 2 inch. 70mm size sealer is only required.

We are specialized in tailor made tools for HDPE barrels according to the bung house collar for optimal crimping. Plastic drum manufactures are not maintaining a standard bung house. Tool has to be made according to the bung house collar dimension to seal  the drum well.

We offer two types of hand operated drum cap seal crimping tools.  SmartSealer BRAWN and TrustSealer Heavy Duty Tool.

SmartSealer BRAWN is our premium tool made of EN19 and full crimping section with SS304. This crimping tool is recommended  for volume drum sealing process.

TrustSealer is made of steel, this tool is used for moderate quantity of drum cap seal crimping.

SmartSealer pneumatic tools are available in readymade and tailor made. Body of aluminum He30 medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Entire crimping section is constructed of SS304. Our SmartSealer pneumatic crimping tool’s not a single part is made of metal casting. Usage of high grade steel and alloys  keeps this tool maintenance free and long lasting