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Drums – Barrel Reconditioning

Drum reconditioning facilities includes the process of 100% leak proofing, Internal-External Washing, Cleaning, De-denting and Repainting of metal and plastic drums, to reusable condition, akin to brand new Drums. It will require an eye of an expert, to make out the difference. Thus, reconditioned drums are technically as good as a new, including its aesthetic outlook.

Highly skilled team with an experience of over 30 years of reconditioning drums and barrels.

Reconditioned drums and barrels are truly “Green Products” as these are organic, ecological, recyclable, and energy-saving products. Thus, contributing to the environment by reducing the amount of virgin raw materials being used with a much lower carbon footprint than the new ones.

Reconditioned drums help to reduce negative impact on the environment

Reconditioning service @ onsite

Time Saving

Instant Delivery

Cost effective

drum barrel reconditioning