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FlexSpout Crimping Tool 42mm

FlexSpout crimping tool for 42mm spout seal caps. These tools are tailor made to deliver optimum sealing of the flexspout caps.

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“Best tools are not made….. they are crafted”

Packco Industries, we produce world class Flexspout Crimping-Sealing-Closing Tools, both Pneumatic and Manual.

Tools made for 42mm crimpon Flex Spouts are made of tooling steel without a single casting part, due to this reason our crimping tools can perform better than any other capseal crimping tools, in addition our tools and machines are durable and long lasting due the quality of parts.

These tools are very critical as the container opening thickness is thin as 0.18mm – 0.15mm.


Body : Steel | Mechanism : Hinges Type | Coating : Hard Chrome | No: of Jaws : 18 Jaws MS / SS / EN19 | Sizes : 42mm & 63mm





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