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Drum Wrench Opener

Drum Wrench Opener is used for opening and closing the bung caps of drums. Hand operated and pneumatic tools are available for this purpose. Tools are selected on the quantity drum packaging. For more than 200 drums per day pneumatic tools are recommended

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Hand tools are made of SS 304 thus prevent rusting. Tools are durable and long life because of high grade metals.

Drum Wrench opener manual with knurling handle. For opening and closing drum plugs 2 inch and 3/4 inch.

Drum wrench is manufactured from cast aluminum (LM25) which is hardened & tempered for increased strength. It is an ideal tool for easy and convenient opening and closing of almost all types of drums. It has ends which are designed to fit perfectly onto most 2 & ¾ drum plug


Material: SS304 / Manufactured Cast Aluminium (LM25) | Mechanism: Manual / Hand Operated | Versatile Use: Designed to fit perfectly onto most hex plugs, 2” and 3/4” drum plugs | hardened & tempered for increased strength | COMPACT DESIGN: Compact design for easy and safe storage | EASY TO USE: Opens and tightens most of hex and drum plugs with just a few turns

Pneumatic Ratchet Wrench robust & durable aluminum housing. Heat treated ratchet head design provides longer life.

Chrome anvil guarantee high performance in the toughest of applications. Optimized gear ratio and air flow for reliable performanceMolybdenum

Easy to use forward /reverse control. Throttle lever design for easy speed control. Compact and light weight, ideal for use in confined work.

Tooling section available for all kinds of plugs, bungs and closure. Suitable tailor made adaptors are also available for steel and HDPE drums.


Body: Aluminum | MAX Torque: 68 Nm (50ft-lb) | Free Speed: 150 RPM | Net Weight: 1.17 KG | AVG. AIR Consumption: 6 CFM (170 LPM)

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