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Pneumatic Pail Flex Spout Crimping Tool

Pneumatic Pail Flex Spout Crimper is available in tailor made and ready made. Push type sealing tools are recommended because the tools are hanged on spring balancer so no chance of tool damage.

The tools are durable and long lasting because its quality parts, unlike other crimping tools we make the crimping tool’s design specially for pails and buckets as per the spout insertion opening.

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Pneumatic Pail Flex Spout Crimper-Sealer Push Type

These tools are completely made of high standard metals, i.e aluminum He30, En19 Jaw Body and all the other parts including crimping jaws is made of SS304. No mild steel or casting parts is used so this enhance the life of our tools. Précised making of jaws and crimping section in stainless steel enhance the quality of crimping and the sealing of cap remain leak resistant. Available for unigrip, tite seal, rieke spout caps 42mm, 63mm.


Body : Aluminum HE 30 (No casting parts) | Mechanism : Push Type Pneumatic | Coating : Hard Chrome | No of Jaws : 18 SS 304



Pneumatic Switch Type Pail Flex Spout Crimping Tool

Switch type crimping tool is used to crimp spout caps at stationed filling lines. For this kind of operation the tool must be placed ergonomically to operate without causing any damage to the machine.

Operation will be easy, but handling must be with care without slippage so no damage can be caused to the tool.

Benefit of Pneumatic Pail Flex Spout crimping tool : For fast production, companies having volume pail packing must use this tool to avoid delay in spout cap sealing.


Body : Aluminum HE 30 (No casting parts) | Mechanism : Switch Type Pneumatic | Coating : Hard Chrome | No of Jaws : 18 SS 304

Advantage: because of the pneumatic tool the crimping of caps will be even compared to the manual tool. Hand operated tools can deliver uneven crimping if not balanced properly.

What we offer: Technical and operational support for operators. Installation and orientation.

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