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Pail Lid Crimping Tool

Pail Lid Crimping Tool is used for crimping the top lid of the pail drum. Purpose of the tool is to close all the lugs evenly on the curling in leak proof levels. There are three type of tools hand operated or manual tool, hydraulic tool and pneumatic tool.

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Hand Operated Pail lid Crimping Tool:

Pail lid crimper tool suitably made to close 20, 22 or 24 gauge steel pail lids with 16 and 18 lugs. Diameter 11.25″ is standard. This manual steel pail lid crimping tool is ideal for closing on 5 gallon pail lids.

Closer must attribute to crimp the lid into leak proof level.

Also known as pail lid closing machine, crimper, sealer, sealing machine, tool for sealing pail, pail lid sealing machine, pail crimping tool.



18 Lug Manual Pail Lid Closing Tool

Repairs & Services of pail lid closer is available if the parts are not lost.

We offer customized solutions in order to cater your needs.




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