Drum Cap Sealing Machine – TrustSealer

Drum Cap sealing machine

READYMADE hand operated Heavy Duty Drum Cap sealing Machine-tools are made for crimping metal cap-seals on MS  as well as on HDPE drums. These tools are known as Heavy Duty because of its efficiency to crimp even 0.32 mm thickness effortlessly.

These Cap sealing tools can perform WRINKLE-FREE tight crimping on cap seal / Tab Seal to resist leakage & pilferage. Budgeted Manual Drum Cap Sealer 2″ and 3/4″ by Packco Industries

Tool available for crimping  2 inch and ¾ inch Cap seal.


Best price on request.







Material : Steel

Mechanism : Hinges Type

Coating : Hard Chrome

No of Jaws 2” : 18 Steel

No of Jaws ¾” : 9 Steel

TrustSealer drum cap sealer is made of steel with adequate temper and hardness, completely hard chrome plated for long lasting, rust prevention and durability, hinges are supported by stainless steel pins and circlips.

These tools are at affordable price catering to average number of drum packing companies.

Tools are suitable for moderate volume of drum sealing recommended for sealing economical weight less cap seals.

These machines are ergonomically designed so operation will be easy even for an unskilled person to crimp cap seals with these drum cap crimping machines.

Tools are supported with after sale service from our end, any impairs can be repaired. Parts including crimping jaws can be replaced after long time usage.

TrustSealer – On request tailor made tools are available for HDPE drums, readymade tools are meant for MS drums. So for optimised plastic drum cap sealing we offer this option also for our customer.

TrustSealer is also available for 4 inch paint drum lid with same crimping attributes.

Same model tools are available for flex spout sealing. These tools can seal in leak proof levels.

Handling and storing of Machines

Tools must be handled and operated well for the quality of crimping and for the long life also.

Storing the tools safely in non saline and rusting atmosphere for the durability and performance of the tool.

Keeping the crimping part dipped in any oil will extend the life of the tools.