Pail Lid Crimping Tools

Pail Lid Crimping Tools
           Pail Lid Closing Tool

16 Lug Manual Pail Lid Closing Tool

These tools  can be used on 20, 22 or 24 gauge steel pails with 16 lugs and a diameter of 11-1/4″. This manual closing tool is made of steel Ideal for use on 5 gallon pail lids.

12 Lug Manual Closing Tool

12 Lug manual closing tool for 2 gallon pail covers 8.5” in diameter. This crimping tool is compatible for heavier UN gauges 20, 22, or 24. This tool is applicable for moderate crimping operation.
Also known as pail lid closing machine, crimper, sealer, sealing machine, tool for sealing pail, pail lid sealing machine.